Macintosh released the latest member of its iPhone family last June. Considered as a giant leap from its closest brother the iPhone 3GS, the latest iPhone 4 has raised the bar once again in the smartphone industry. Because of this, the price for the 3GS went down to $49 a piece. The biggest (and best) upgrade that the iPhone got is the Retina display. In a nutshell, it just means that the screen has twice the on-screen pixels of its predecessors. Results are fantastic. Details are much finer in the iPhone 4. Also, you don’t get to see the pixels on your screen unless you decide to really take a good look. iphone 11 pro

The iPhone 4 is designed similar to the other models although it has its own aesthetic changes. It has a rear plate that is composed of glass and has a front-facing VGA camera for video calling through FaceTime. The iPhone 4 has a rather risky antenna blueprint that surrounds the device. This has caused problems in reception when you touch a specific part in the phone. A temporary solution was devised by Apple through a bumper case that prevents you from touching “that” spot.

The iPhone 3GS is an entry-level phone but is not currently available in the CDMA version for the company Verizon and some other CDMA providers. With the Verizon CDMA bundled iPhone, you get to share the 3G network between multiple devices. The only problem with the CDMA technology is that it can’t process data when a person is talking on the phone. There are rumors though, that Verizon is finding ways to work around this problem.

For both the iPhone 3GS and even 3G, the iOS 4.3 is available. It’s main advantage is the capability for the device to multitask, although the older 3G lacks the support hardware-wise for the new features.

Another great thing about the iPhone 4 is that it sports the exact same 1 GHz A4 CPU that is in your iPad. With this baby inside the iPhone 4, it’s safe to say that it is indeed the fastest phone out in the market as of this moment. It is actually 50% faster than the older 3GS.

The most affordable iPhone right now is the 8GB iPhone 3GS. You can have your very own 8gb iPhone 3GS for only $49 from AT&T but you must sign a 2-year usage contract. Here are other iPhone deals that you might be interested in.


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