By the rules and regulations of the state, it is a must to have a management plan regarding asbestos abatement or removal. A guideline for asbestos removal is laid out by the asbestos survey conducted on property that is more than eight years old. In case you do not abide by the law then you are going to risk the health of everybody living in the establishment. On top of it, if it is a public establishment that you are running, then the hazard is even more deadly, as the unsuspecting people visiting the place might as well end up suffering. asbestos management

According to the asbestos survey, the owner of the premises is legally liable for any potential health hazard posed by asbestos disposition. Non compliance with the law can have severe implications like closure of the premises, heavy penalties, and a custodial sentence. It may sound quite extreme, but given the number of people who get affected due to asbestos, the contamination needs to be treated seriously. In addition, if you do not take asbestos survey seriously, many insurance companies may decline your policy and it can also greatly undermine the value of your property.

The solution to all this is very simple. Employ a professional abatement team who first carry out a comprehensive asbestos survey and then identifies the potential risks. The recommendations for abatement are given after a close survey. The cost depends on the size of the building and extent of contamination.

During an asbestos survey, the surveyor is required to identify all the locations and materials, either thought to contain asbestos, or even the ones which can be potentially mistaken for asbestos. The best modus operandi for a survey is to take a sample of the suspected material and to get it evaluated in a laboratory. This way you can be sure of the extent of the hazard and also have a clear picture of the contamination.

The need for Asbestos management is covered in the Asbestos Management Plan; which is a customized asbestos management procedure, sketched by the abatement team, for each individual building. Apart from identifying the presence or absence of asbestos or other asbestos-like substances in the building, the management plan is also quite informative and educative regarding asbestos, its hazards, and possibilities of recurrence. The best laid asbestos management plans are comprehensive and laid out such that it is easy to understand. The format is such that it shows each individual point in the building where asbestos exists. It also gives valuable advice regarding how to keep your building safe from asbestos contamination in the future.

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